Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Amos Tamam: Taxi Innovator

Living in South Africa, anything someone can do to prevent crime gets my vote. I came across Amos Tamam and found out he was the one who created a system for New York taxi drivers to accept credit cards. This system has probably saved a number of taxi drivers from being robbed, and sounds like something that would go over well here in South Africa. I rarely carry more than the equivalent of US$5 in my pocket, but always have a credit card.

Amos Tamam has led an interesting life. Having trained as an electrical engineer in Israel, you might have thought he was working below his ability when he came to the United States and started servicing taxis in New York City. Instead, he thought of this little innovation that, including making a person able to pay for their cab via credit card, also gives the rider information about weather, sports, as well as local restaurants, nightlife, and even news.

Sounds like Amos Tamam has done well with his life, and I hope he continues to innovate, wherever his career takes him.

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