Thursday, February 11, 2010

1800FLOWERS & Martha Stewart Team Up for Valentines Day

I've always known Martha Stewart to be an accomplished artisan when it comes to putting together elegant and classy flower arrangements, but since she teamed up with 1800FLOWERS it seems she has outdone herself. What an incredible collection of flowers, and other gifts too!

And of course Martha Stewart  loves roses, those species of flowers that embody the very essence of love. There is no better spokesperson for 1800FLOWERS than Martha Stewart...

1800FLOWERS Promotes Young Adult Literature

I had never before associated Valentine's Day with vampires before, but the Twilight flowers DVD offer by 1800flowers made me rethink this. I am neither a fan of the Twilight book or movie series, but this is only because I have neither read the books nor watched the movies. In my humble opinion as a writer, any book that causes a young person to pick it up and read it is a good thing. Besides which, young love is a topic on which I have written as well, though not nearly as successfully as Stephenie Meyer, the author of the Twilight Series.

So, if you or the one you love are at all interested in vampires, I suggest sending her or him flowers through 1800flowers and giving Stephenie's books a good read.